Sarah sat down by the ocean and watched as the waves rolled over the rocks, it was calming, and it made her feel safe. She knew he would be looking for her by now, but it didn't matter, nothing mattered when she was there. She used to look forward to going home, but lately, this wasn't the case, Charles had changed and wasn't the same sweet man she had married. Don't get me wrong he wasn't abusive, it was more so darkness that he took on. There was something scary about him now; half the time, Charles didn't know anything about their lives and the other half became very weird. Sarah has been married to Charles for over a decade and knew he was deadly allergic to alcohol, yet the other night he sat watching the game with a beer in his hand. Charles would have been in the hospital if he drank it before and as for the game, he has never enjoyed sports in his life. He was always more of a technology kind of guy, now he doesn't know how to use the computer. Sarah had no idea what's going on, but this defiantly was not the same man she married, his whole personality was gone. She tried talking to her sister about it but of course she thought Sarah was crazy, how could he has changed so much? It must be a new phase of his life, said her brother in law. She sat running her fingers through the sand, Maybe this was temporary, but what if it wasn't, it was like living with a stranger. Maybe it was time to speak to the priest down at her church, I bet he wouldn't think she was crazy, he always was fond of Charles. Maybe that is what she will do but not now. This was her time, sitting watching and dreaming while enjoying the rolling of the waves.

(C) Kristi Niles



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