Last Day

This is a good one if this was the last day I would:

Wake up early and watch the sunrise with my coffee. (yes, I do this every day) It's how I love to start my day.

I think the rest of my day would depend on how the day would end, if it was just me who was having the last day, I would spend it with my family at home, but if the world was coming to an end, I would have to be front and centre.

Ik crazy, right? I have always been a little extreme when it comes to danger.

If it was some kind of apocalypse, I would have to say I'm not dying LOL.. just saying! I think my main goal for that day would be to say everything I needed to say. Know that I am at peace with my life and then go out with a bang

Anyone else kind of obsessed with apocalypses?

What about you?



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