Good morning, release date is so close. Can you taste it?

Good morning everyone

I'm so excited to let you know THE DEAD GAME  will be out as of Monday. All weekend I will be putting out excerpts and tidbits about it.

The one with the best comment will win a free digital copy on release day.

Excerpt below

Mathew struggled to get free. He tried to swing his fist back to hit Jack in the face but missed. Jack tightened the grip around his neck and thrust his knee into his back. Gripping the bat in his other hand, he dragged him towards the alley. Mathew was strong but no stronger than a determined man who wanted to save his family. Jack shoved him up against the wall and pressed his foot up against his chest. He grabbed onto his bat with both hands and raised it up in the air. Mathew ripped off the tape and pleaded with him to let him go. "I have money, man. It's all yours just let me go, I won't tell anyone." Jack glanced around quickly, his heart was beating over time, and his stomach felt weak. The palms of his hands started to sweat as he gripped the bat, he thought about Isadora as tears fell silently from his eyes. Jack swung the bat fiercely, slamming it against the side of Mathew's head, he could hear the crack as it made contact.

A scene from THE DEAD GAME by CJ Spenser

Chapter 1

Coming next week.



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