Dark Storm

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Do you enjoy paranormal horror?

Excerpt from Dark Storm

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Ryker sat at the table next to Jennifer and Kristine. "So, when did he say they would fix the door?"Kristine answered him but stopped as the three of them heard screeching coming from the living room. They ran to the living room as fast as they could. All the electronics had shifted to static. Everyone's eyes were peeled to the television screen. A hand was slowly reaching out of the screen, rasping its nails along the edge of the TV. A voice could be heard from beyond the static. "Come here, my beauties. Come have a taste of death."Jennifer shouted at Danny. "Unplug it!"Danny stared at her, his face as white as snow. "I already did before it turned to static."Ryker attempted to calm the group down by reassuring them that the landlord would be there soon. Jennifer and Kristine hunkered against the wall watching all the commotion.Ryker swung his body down next to them. "What are we going to do?"Jennifer placed her head against his shoulder. "I'm not sure. I'm freaked out, though."She felt a warm wet feeling on her face. Reaching up, she wiped it away. Her eyes filled with tears as she noticed her hands were covered in blood. Looking up, she screamed, blood was flowing out of the walls and dripping down it like the tears falling from her eyes. Everyone ran for the center of the room, confused and uncertain of what was happening. Ryker wiped the blood off with the edge of his shirt, but as he went to comfort her, a shriek came from behind him. Brenda's body drifted up the side of the wall as if it were being dragged by something no one could see. She flailed and screamed in panic, her body glued to the casing and soon to the ceiling.



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