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I’m so excited to announce that it’s finally here.

In this psychological thriller, a stranger sends a letter that leads to a deadly game of deception. Where the only path leads to death. An idle threat surrounded by secrets and lies that will lead them all down a dark road.Deadly words followed by sinister games lead to a path of death. Whispers from the stranger within.

THE DEAD GAME ~ Strangers within

Isadora is the love of his life. It's a love he would give his last breath for. With a new baby's on the way, they prepare for the perfect future. Jack receives a threat from a psycho demanding a game of murder and deception. He's now trapped in a nightmare while living in the shadows. Stalked by a serial killer who loves to play games. A deadly kiss of death rises in his blood, causing an insane lust for murder. Secrets and lies can create a killer; Jack's world goes dark.

The Dead Game https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085M5FGVZ/



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