A tale of ignorance where it doesn't belong

The sea was rough, but there was nowhere else in the world he would rather be. He was raised by a father who lived by the rule of thumb never lay foot on land for those who are true to the sea will be rewarded by vast amounts of treasure. Henry now the Caption of his own ship has taken on that rule of thumb, desperate to be half the man his father was.

His days usually consist of searching the unknown for treasures he has heard rumours of or hunting for food on deserted lands of the sea, but today there was something else in store. The crew had come across a woman floating on an old rickety raft and had pulled her aboard, she was a quiet lady. Her dress was not expensive, and she wore an old cross around her neck on a silver chain. Henry approached the woman and looked at her in silence, he noticed the cross around her neck and reached for it without a thought. Ripping it from her neck, he placed it in his pocket. The woman's eyes widened as she watched as the ignorant man snickered and walked away," put her back out onto her vessel." The woman angered," I will not go back out there. She said with an agitated tone, she muttered some words in another language and let out a high pitch laugh." You will regret your actions, and without notice, Henry disappeared. The crew's eyes grew large as they stepped back from the woman, one stepped forward." We would never cast you out, how can we help you?" The woman snickered," That's much better."

Somewhere out there in a tiny glass jar, henry bounced around. He watched as the waves hit the side of the glass, throwing him around like an old rag doll. Where was he, and how would he ever get free, thought henry? Who was that lady and how could she have done this to him, he wouldn't rest till he could get loose and seek revenge on this woman of the sea.

(C) Kristi Niles



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