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Poetry From the Soul
This book is an emotional rollercoaster, a tortured heart bleeding out onto paper. If you are into deep thinking, this is the book for you. let your mind sink deeply into the words of a mind coming undone. Experience laughter, tears and maybe even relate to the underlining passion beneath the words. There is a little of everything, for everyone

A Scifi fantasy mystery suspense


Secrets Beyond the Moon ~ Strangers from the sky


Jasper is from the city of Richmond, where she and her friends have discovered proof of a conspiracy. Mysterious accidents and murders keep occurring, and people keep vanishing without a trace no one knows if they are dead or alive. The residence is left without answers, even the police are left feeling stunned.


The locals believe it's a serial killer, but others think it's radicalism. No one knows just how widespread it is.


A group of young people see the threat and investigate it, only to find out it’s something that can eradicate humanity. Since they are the only ones who can see this, it is up to them to save the world.


Leading them to discover the strangers within themselves and secrets never told.


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